Tips for a Sober Holiday Season

sober for the holidays

The holiday season can be challenging if you’re working to stay sober. Here are several tips to help you handle Christmas and New Year’s Eve without turning to drugs or alcohol.

1. Plan for Gatherings

Anticipate potentially triggering situations and have a strategy in place. Whether it’s bringing a mini cooler filled with non-alcoholic beverages to a party, bringing a recovery sponsor as your plus-one, or making an exit strategy if you need to leave early, preparation can make a significant difference.

2. Create New Traditions

Start new sober holiday traditions that focus on activities rather than substances. These could be a family game night, volunteering, or baking and decorating holiday cookies.

3. Prioritize Self-Care

The holiday season can be stressful. Prioritize self-care practices like meditation, exercise, or taking time out for yourself. These activities can reduce stress and help you maintain a sober mindset.

4. Avoid Known Triggers

Identifying and avoiding stressful situations might mean declining some invitations or preparing answers for people who ask you why you are not drinking. Anyone who genuinely has your best interests at heart will understand the goals you’re working to achieve.

5. Seek Additional Support

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you might want to go to extra 12-step meetings. Your group can keep you grounded, remind you that you are never alone, and help strengthen your resolve when you encounter challenging or stressful circumstances. If you plan to travel for the holidays, take the initiative and research recovery groups near your destination.

6. Talk to a Therapist

Many people need additional emotional support during the holiday season. As a neutral third-party observer, a therapist can give you valuable advice on healthy ways to cope with stress and triggers.

7. Focus on the True Spirit of the Season

Redirect your focus to the essence of the holidays – gratitude, giving, and connection with loved ones. Embrace these values as cornerstones of your celebrations.

8. Consider Outpatient Detox

If you’re seeking sobriety, Georgia Sky Outpatient Detox can be an excellent resource. Our program offers the flexibility to receive treatment on your terms, allowing you to stay at home and manage your responsibilities while getting the help you need.

Remember, sobriety during the holidays is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. With planning, support, and the right mindset, this holiday season can be a time of genuine joy and renewal. Contact us to start your recovery today.

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