The decision between being treated on an outpatient or inpatient basis is personal and determined by a wide variety of factors. Things like cost, flexibility, and accessibility can influence this decision.

What is Inpatient Detox?

In Inpatient detox, individuals stay at the facility throughout the duration of their detox, which usually spans from three to ten days. This ensures uninterrupted professional care but it isn’t always an option or ideal for those needing detox. It separates patients from their loved ones, work commitments, and daily routines and it can pose major hurdles for those with critical responsibilities.

What is Outpatient Detox?

Our outpatient detox model was established for those needing or wanting to retain their autonomy during their treatment. Our carefully curated protocols require just a few hours each day, guaranteeing patients flexibility for maintaining critical commitments.
The recovery experience we offer at Georgia Sky aligns with real-world scenarios, beyond the typical inpatient detox and rehab framework. In tandem with withdrawal symptom management, our model offers comprehensive recovery services by expert staff who are able to provide solutions in real time.
Here are several key advantages of outpatient detox programs:
Return home and keep your independence
On-site residency with defined guidelines for a specific duration.
Treatment for a fraction of inpatient detox cost.
Residential care can come with hefty price tags
Minimal disruption to your day to day life, responsibilities and commitments.
Might necessitate job breaks or resignation
Access to our staff around the clock, with real time support for real-world situations so you’re equipped with tools to handle triggers after treatment.
Limited Preparation
In a controlled environment not exposed to common triggers and life, limiting practice in handling tough situations while sober.

Straightforward Care at a Fraction of the Cost

Navigating detox options can be overwhelming. That is why we offer uncomplicated, transparent, and affordable care. Serving the greater Atlanta area, we are on a mission to help individuals break free from their drug and alcohol addiction once and for all. Reach out today to learn more about our innovative, result-driven methodology.
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