Our Process

Understanding the outpatient detox process is crucial for both prospective clients and their loved ones. At Georgia Sky, we’ve crafted a process that ensures our patients receive immediate and long-term optimal care. Here’s a glimpse into our outpatient detox process:

Initial Consultation

Before the detox journey begins, our experts evaluate factors such as substance type, duration of use, and personal circumstances.  The assessment is thorough, tailored to each client, and usually kickstarts their journey within hours of the initial call.


15-22 Day Detox

While the detoxification process varies for everyone, our outpatient detox program typically spans between 15 to 22 days. The duration can vary depending on the substance use, duration and individual circumstances. 


A Typical Day

Arrival: Clients arrive at our discreet, warm and secure medical facility.

Medical Check-in: Daily vitals and withdrawal symptoms are assessed, determining how care will be customized for the day.

Medication Distribution: A controlled dose is administered by our medical staff, aiding the detoxification process and ensuring client comfort.

One-on-One Counseling: Clients discuss their progress, feelings, and any challenges with our counselors and receive substance abuse counseling.

Monitoring: Clients stay in our detox lounge for a period of time for medical monitoring.

Case Management Check-in: Tailored planning ensures every aspect of the client’s life is supported during their detox journey.

Departure: Equipped with the day’s medications and support tools, clients  integrate back into their daily lives, with the reassurance of 24/7 access to our medical team.


Post-Treatment Care:

Our post-treatment care coordination ensures clients are backed by resources, counseling, and a network of professionals for when they’ve finished our program. This step ensures a smooth transition back to daily life and reinforces the tools and techniques learned during treatment with us.

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