Intake + Admissions

A Seamless Intake Process for Immediate Detox

Our admissions process is streamlined and client-first, allowing individuals to start their healing journey with minimal delays and optimal support. Here are the steps to get started:

1. Call for a Personalized & Private Consultation

Our specialized admissions team offers comprehensive support by giving consultations, liaising with families, insurance providers, and giving a detailed overview of the outpatient detox process.

2. Pre-Admission Screening & Scheduling

Before you step into our facility, we ensure you’re a good fit for outpatient detox. This is determined by your substance abuse history, medical history, current living environment and other considerations. Once approved, we’ll cover all questions or concerns you have while setting expectations, helping with insurance coverage or logistical planning so you can get the help you need as quickly as possible.

3. Same or Next Day Intake

Our comfortable facility, strategically located for ease of access, welcomes clients with warmth and discretion. Day one at Georgia Sky focuses on comprehensive medical evaluations to set the stage for your outpatient detox experience. Extended observation periods on the first day are sometimes necessary to guarantee clients’ comfort and safety.

4. Management at Home

After the initial phase at our center, clients transition home for the rest of the day, equipped with the medications they need and monitored until their next scheduled appointment. Round-the-clock access to our medical team ensures any concerns are promptly addressed. And if home isn’t a feasible option, we have trustworthy sober living partners we can connect you with.

5. Daily Care & Beyond

Clients revisit our center daily for continuous medical care, counseling, and case management until they complete their individualized detox protocol and are medically cleared. When the detox phase is coming to an end, we provide structured, tangible recovery plans for both clients and their loved ones, designed to build upon the benefits received in our care.
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