About Our Detox

Our distinct approach to outpatient detox offers individuals top-notch care in a serene environment.  Our team of doctors and addiction experts provide compassionate services 24/7 including evaluations, medical detoxification, remote and in person medical monitoring and medication oversight.

Our Dedication

We’re dedicated to providing unparalleled, intensive addiction detox on an outpatient basis. We champion the philosophy of minimally restrictive care, meaning individuals should undergo treatment in settings that least impede their rights and obligations.Our team consists of highly skilled medical and mental health specialists dedicated to addressing the needs of those battling drug and alcohol dependencies.
Substances such as opiates, benzodiazepines, stimulants, alcohol, and others can induce unsettling and occasionally perilous withdrawal symptoms. We have the expertise to safely treat and alleviate drug withdrawal symptoms through our outpatient model, which is safe and effective.

We often accommodate clients within 24 hours of their inquiry, ensuring they don’t experience the repercussions of postponed care. Without a flexible outpatient option, many postpone detox because they don’t have the option of leaving their homes or jobs for an inpatient stay.

Comprehensive Outpatient Detox

Our outpatient addiction treatment services are meticulously designed to ensure comprehensive care for our clients. They include:

Engaging in detox while still immersed in life allows our clients to pinpoint and address their triggers through our adjunct therapy and outpatient services. Clients get to develop resilient strategies as situations unfold in the very fabric of their daily lives. Rather than predicting potential hurdles from afar, they face and navigate them alongside us. This approach has been invaluable for our clients’ long term sobriety.

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