Guided Recovery Planning

Ensuring that everyone is equipped with essential knowledge and resources throughout their recovery journey.

Care Coordination

At Georgia Sky, both our clients and their families benefit from our meticulous recovery planning and care coordination. These services ensure that everyone is well-equipped with essential access to resources throughout all phases of their recovery journey.

Substance addiction is all-encompassing, affecting the psyche, physical well-being, and spirit. To achieve long term recovery, collaborating with providers that can address the different facets of your addiction is recommended. Acknowledging the multidimensionality of addiction and its root causes, coordinating care remains a cornerstone of our approach.

Dedicated Case Managment

Georgia Sky’s case management provisions are tailored to simplify your journey. Entrusted with a dedicated case manager, you’ll have someone who understands your individual needs and ardently champions your recovery. As you tread the path to sobriety, they’ll guide you in confronting underlying health challenges, introduce you to 12-Step resources, and strategize against potential relapses.

Outlined below are our comprehensive case management services:

Medications: In the early stages of recovery, managing withdrawal symptoms and addressing coexisting mental health conditions might necessitate medications. Our seasoned medical team stands ready to prescribe as required.

Recovery Blueprint: Your personalized treatment plan acts as your compass in the recovery journey, detailing crucial supportive services tailored to distinct stages of your sobriety. We prioritize crafting a plan that resonates with each client’s unique needs.

Scheduled Medical Check-Ins: Substance addiction often precipitates a range of health challenges. Upon cessation, addressing these becomes paramount. Our case managers can recommend specialized medical professionals within our network to offer you the best care possible.

Sober Living Options: Should you seek an environment with rigorous sobriety accountability, we’ve got you covered. Georgia Sky has established partnerships with trusted sober living establishments in and around the region.

Guidance Beyond Treatment: Benefit from months of coordinated care, ensuring your journey to sobriety remains on track and supported long after you leave our facility.

Navigating Addiction Recovery in Georgia

Selecting the right recovery service can be daunting given the multitude of available options. At Georgia Sky, we streamline this experience, interfacing with multiple organizations on your behalf. For a compassionate and experienced guide on your path to recovery, reach out to us. We’re just a call away.

Our recovery services help clients break the cycle of addiction for good.

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